Mars Bakery

Mars bread is a cross between a sweet and savory milk dough.
Bread board: 8$
One petite stuffed mars loaf.
One petite baked mars loaf.
Paired with three rotations butters, jams, and pickles.
Mars dog: 7$
All beef dog topped with tomato jam, balsamic drunk onions, basil aioli, bacon, and between a grilled mars bun.
Space sliders: 3$
Mars spicy chicken salad on a grilled or steamed slider mars mini bun.
Kolaches: 4$
The goof: teriyaki spam and coconut candied bacon.
Space city fried chicken: 4$
Honey butter, fried chicken  with spicy mayo and pickles on the side.
B.E.Sc  4$
Bacon, eggs. And sharp cheddar.
Doughnuts: 2$
Rotating glazes and toppings.
Business hours: 11am-9pm